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              Kids who have historically nagged their parents for videogames, sugared cereals, and snacks made out of ingredients better left in the chemistry lab, are now begging mom and dad to buy green products.

       Sometimes called “Generation Green,” many of today’s kids are more informed, more passionate, and more action oriented about sustainability than their parents. And, they are on a mission to change their parents’ behaviors to match their growing green beliefs.

        Least you think this is a teenage or college student phenomenon, over half of 6-8 year olds have asked mom and dad specifically to buy brands with sustainability credentials. 40% have requested products made from recycled paper. Grade school kids are nagging their parents about everything from buying a hybrid car, to shopping only at small, local retailers, to eliminating plastic bags. Their parents are listening.

       Greneration Green’s powerful influence on their parents’ spending was highlighted in a recent Associated Press article titled, “How to Manage an Eco-Warrior Kid.” It provided advice on the best approach to saying, “No” to children’s persistent green requests, without dismissing their beliefs or ruining family dynamics. After reading the article, I bet it’s going to be easier for most parents to just say, “Yes,” and change their buying habits.

We should think about...
  • Should we focus some of our marketing on harnessing the power of Generation Green to influence their parents' purchases?
  • Should we introduce products specifically targeted to Generation Green?
  • Are we clearly communicating our green philosophy in a way that kids can understand?
Sources: Associated Press 2/08; Food Navigator 9/08; Natural Foods Merchandiser 9/08
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