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Hispanics: A Growing Green Target
        It may be time to start talking about “vida sostenible” rather than “sustainable living.” That’s because green purchases are growing fastest among “Respectful Stewards,” a consumer target that is 86% Hispanic. Sales to these shoppers were up 15.5% at the same time that sales to the hardest-core green segment were flat. What’s more, Hispanics are significantly more likely to say they will pay extra for sustainable products.

       Respectful Stewards are characterized by having large families, living in urban areas, having modest-to-moderate incomes, focusing on their community, and being bilingual.

       Hispanics are likely to continue to increase their sustainable purchases for three reasons. First, Latino cultures place a high value on the environment. Latin Americans in their home countries score overwhelmingly higher than Americans on measures related to having already changed behaviors to help the environment, and only buying products that align with their green values. Second, Hispanics are not being forced to make as many tough cutbacks during this recession, in part because they were less likely to own houses or have credit card debt. Third, Hispanic kids are way ahead of their peers in reminding (read: nagging) their parents to be more environmentally friendly. Everyone with kids knows that last factor may be the most powerful of all!

We should think about...
  • Are we focusing enough on Hispanics with our sustainability efforts?
  • In general, are we spending enough time thinking about Hispanics given their growing market influence and buying power?
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