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Boomers Are Greener Than Millenials
Despite everything you read about Millenials (ages 16 to 30) being the greenest generation, they are actually less likely than the rest of the population to have changed their behaviors or their purchases to live more sustainably. (23% less likely, according to the latest statistics.)

That’s not just the wild conclusion of one isolated research study. It’s a consistent finding from a number of studies done by Pew Research and other solid consulting firms. While Millenials are more vocal about their interest, and more able to talk intelligently about different aspects of sustainability, they are less likely to translate that talk into actions.

Millenials are less likely than all other generations to recycle. Less likely than all but Matures (ages 64+) to buy green products. And less likely to participate in a wide array of green activities.

However, Millenials are more likely than other generations to use alternative transportation and to financially support environmental causes.

Experts are divided. Is the gap between Millenials’ beliefs and actions a symptom of the fact that their incomes are lower and their lifestyles are still in flux? Or, has the younger generation received “green behavior credit” that the Boomers and Gen X really deserve? Only time will tell.

We should think about...
  • Are we targeting the right consumers with our green products?
  • Should we develop different messages, targeted to different demographics, about our corporate sustainability efforts?
Sources: 2010; Pew Research 2010; Shelton Group 2010
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