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Your Company’s Blueprint for Green Savings
Kohlberg Kravis Roberts announced Friday that eight companies in its portfolio saved a total of $160 million in less than two years by implementing very simple, focused green initiatives. The companies also eliminated 345 million metric tons of carbon dioxide and 1.2 million tons of solid waste.

They achieved those results using five straightforward steps:
  • Setting a green savings target for each year.
  • Identifying one, or at maximum two, areas to address.
  • Finding tactics that are simple to execute and are no, or low cost.
  • Assigning specific personnel to each tactic.
  • Establishing a baseline, measuring changes vs the baseline each quarter, and reporting results annually.
The specific sustainability actions the companies took are amazingly simple. US Foodservice met its goal by having its truck drivers turn off their engines once they had been idling for four minutes. Primedia (the company that prints all the free apartment finder and home finder magazines) met its goal by changing the size of its publications so they can be printed with less wasted paper.

So many companies trying to be sustainable get bogged down in complexity. It’s refreshing to see companies that have kept it simple and delivered results.

We should think about...
  • Are we making our green initiatives too complex?
  • Can we use the five steps above to make some quick changes that bring financial and sustainability rewards?
Sources: Environmental Defense Fund 2010; LBO Wire 2010; New York Times 2010
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