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Profitable New Target Market: Green Dads
Eco-conscious moms and consumers in various shades of green have received a lot of marketing attention over the past few years. Dads who care about sustainability have sometimes been a secondary target, and often, an afterthought.

Recent research from EcoFocus Worldwide highlights the huge opportunity in targeting EcoAware Dads. They are the 65% of fathers (36 million men) who say, “When my kids are grown, I want them to remember me as teaching them to be environmentally responsible.” 83% of them have already made lifestyle changes to be more eco-conscious. However, only 16% are satisfied with how sustainable their lifestyle is now.

EcoAware Dads are looking for affordable, generally available, practical green products. 69% wish they could buy more environmentally friendly products, but cannot afford the extra cost. Over half are stymied by trying to find the green items they want at retail. And, many EcoAware Dads say that the green options they do find do not fit their lifestyles.

How important are EcoAware Dads to your business? They are estimated to control $1.7 trillion in buying power, and 75% of them say that every green step they take makes the next green behavior or purchase easier.

We should think about...
  • How can we best reach EcoAware Dads?
  • What can we do to reduce the green premium consumers pay for our products?
Sources: EcoFocus Worldwide 2010; eMarketer Green 2010; 2010
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