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Improve Productivity by 40%
Employees who work for socially responsible or sustainable companies are happier and more productive than the average worker. Up to 40% more productive, according to recent research from The University of Notre Dame.

The Project for the Greater Good is collaborating with the dairy industry to understand the business results of focusing on sustainability. Their initial findings are that a dramatic increase in employee output, pride, and morale are some of the first outcomes.

Working towards sustainability makes even the most mundane tasks meaningful, helping employees find passion for their jobs. Given that 75% of workers say they don’t feel engaged by their company, and 50% do not care about the work that they do, this change can have a huge impact on an organization’s productivity.

The Project for the Greater Good is the latest in a string of research studies that show social responsibility has wide ranging positive business consequences. A number of studies, most recently one from the University of San Diego, have shown that when companies move to LEED buildings employees take fewer sick days and get more done. They estimate that productivity goes up by at least 5% after such a move.

The Project for the Greater Good plans to release more research results soon. Stay tuned...

We should think about...
  • Are we doing a good job of engaging our entire organization in our sustainability initiatives?
  • How can we help employees find meaning in their more routine tasks?
Sources: University of Notre Dame 2010; University of San Diego 2009
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