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43% Believe Climate Change Caused by Rockets
If we “Stopped punching holes in the ozone layer with rockets” it would reduce global warming, according to almost half of Americans. When I first read that number I thought it must be the result of poorly executed research from an unreliable source. Nope. It’s from Yale University, done in mid-2010 with a large, nationally representative sample of US adults.

It makes you shake your head. But, it also helps you understand the task in front of organizations that are trying to convince consumers to become more environmentally conscious. Consumers are stunningly misinformed, and not just about rockets. 61% believe a hole in the ozone layer contributes to climate change. 54% say toxic waste is a culprit and the same percentage blame both aerosol sprays and volcanic eruptions (I’m not making this up.) 44% consider nuclear power plants a key contributor.

To their credit, many Americans realize they don’t know as much as they should. 36% says they are not very well informed about the causes of climate change. Over half would like more information before they make up their minds on the issue. Happily, consumers consider scientists the best sources of global warming information. Unhappily, the public believes scientists are evenly split on whether or not climate change is happening.

We should think about...
  • Are we assuming too much consumer knowledge when we craft our green marketing strategies and messages?
  • Should we do more to educate the public about climate change?
Source: Yale University 2010
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