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Meet the Pragmatic Purpose-Driven consumers. They are 30% of shoppers and they are very eager to buy green products---just as long as those products meet their high standards for a host of practical benefits, too.

According to BBMG research, the 70 million Pragmatic Purpose-Driven consumers are the next big market for green products after the Dark Green, or hard-core eco-conscious shoppers.

The Pragmatic Purpose-Driven are looking for a “Triple Value Proposition.” They are just as interested in a product’s environmental and pro-social credentials as Dark Green consumers. But, that’s just the beginning. They also want to know that they are getting high quality, low price, performance, and convenience equal to conventional products. Finally, they want “tribal benefits.” Pragmatic Purpose-Driven shoppers expect to establish a true connection with a brand that allows them to provide input, have a dialog, and connect with like-minded brand buyers.

As if that weren’t enough, the Pragmatic Purpose-Driven would really like their brands to be authentic, simple, and deliver meaningful experiences.

Is it worth the effort to target such demanding consumers? According to BBMG, when Pragmatic Purpose-Driven consumers find a brand they like, they become wonderful brand advocates. They are fiercely loyal, and eager to share their positive opinions with others.

We should think about...
  • Should we be targeting Pragmatic Purpose-Driven consumers?
  • What do we have to address in our offering to be appealing to them?
Sources: Sustainable Business 2011
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