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More Powerful Than Facebook?
StumbleUpon is responsible for 50% of all website traffic generated by social media. Facebook drives 37%, Twitter just 3%. Yet many marketers do not have a strategy for the social site. Some don’t even know it exists.

What is StumbleUpon?

It’s a “discovery engine” that asks a consumer their interests, then sends them to web pages it thinks they will like. The Stumbler gives each page a thumbs up, a thumbs down, or decides to share it. The discovery engine uses this feedback to get smarter about future recommendations.

Who Stumbles?

18-34 year olds are the biggest users. Men and women are equally likely to engage with the site.

How can marketers leverage StumbleUpon?

There are a variety of ways to market via StumbleUpon including their relatively new Paid Discovery option.

How big is it really?

This summer, StumbleUpon reached 1 billion (that’s with a “b”) Stumbles per month. Over 40% of users are active every day. Click here for more fast facts.

StumbleUpon is surprisingly addictive, especially for consumers who are curious and like to be “in the know.”

We should think about...
  • Should StumbleUpon be part of our marketing strategy? (Hint: the answer is “yes” if our target market includes people under 35.)
  • Should we test StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery service? Like most digital media advertising, tests are inexpensive.
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