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Tablet Commerce Takes Off---Are You Ready?
Tablet commerce may be poised to eclipse mobile commerce. Here are the fast facts.
  • Tablet ownership doubled between mid-December and mid-January. Over 20% of the population now has one, and the rapid growth is projected to continue.
  • Consumers like to shop on tablets. Almost half of all tablet owners have made a purchase on their device.
  • Conversion rates are three times higher on tablets. Consumers who start researching/shopping on tablets are orders of magnitude more likely to complete the transaction than those on smartphones.
  • It’s all about the screen. Americans say they buy more via their tablet because of its screen size. (You aren’t the only one frustrated trying to navigate websites on a mobile!)
  • Tablet owners spend more time online. Because the device is "always on", portable, and has rich content, users say their total time online has gone up significantly.
  • Users are demographically attractive. 30-49, well educated, and higher income is the current profile. Owners are equally split between men and women.
  • Half of Americans think tablets will replace laptops. And, they believe it will happen sooner rather than later.

We should think about...
  • Have we created a version of our website optimized for tablets?
  • Are we thinking about a tablet marketing and sales strategy separate from our mobile strategy?
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