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Social Media is Missing Men
Men aren’t as engaged as women in social media, and the gender gap is increasing. It’s a long-term trend, and it should influence your social media marketing.
  • Fewer men use social media, and they are dramatically less likely to log on everyday.
  • Men spend 28% less of their online time on social networks than women.
  • Males don’t Like brands, update their status, or comment on others’ pictures as frequently as women.
  • This gender difference is partially because women see social networks as a way to connect with family, friends, and co-workers, while men aren’t as interested in using them for those three activities.
  • Most major sites skew female. 58% of Facebook users and 59% of Twitter users are women. Google+ is dominated by men, but that may be an early adopter phenomenon that fades over time.
  • Pinterest is on fire, but 82% of members are women. Men using the site are trying to find each other with the hashtag #bropin.
  • Male-focused social networks are being launched to connect with men. Gentlemint is gaining traction. It’s currently in Beta and by invitation only.

We should think about...
  • Have we considered men’s social media habits in our social media strategy?
  • Should we experiment with male-focused social media sites?
Sources: The Atlantic 2012; Christian Science Monitor 2012; Pew Internet 2011
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