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Are You Annoying Customers Without Knowing it?
Your immediate reaction is “Of course not!” But, hold that thought until you hear how consumers feel.

Two-thirds of Americans say they receive way too much digital advertising. And, almost half are fighting back by boycotting offending brands, complaining on social media, and ignoring future messages.

Consumers don’t mind hearing from brands they like via digital media. They just don’t want to hear from them so frequently. Most Americans prefer to receive messages a few times a month or less. Very few would choose to get marketing communications more than once a week.

Additionally, customers have strong views on where they want to receive digital advertising. PCs and laptops are preferred. Cells are off limits, with 67% of consumers saying they positively don’t want ads on their phones.

Americans’ favorite digital advertising format is an email newsletter with lots of details. Mobile banner ads are near the bottom of their list, with half of consumers saying they are very irritating.

We should think about...
  • Are we communicating via social media and other digital channels too frequently?
  • Does our mobile marketing strategy take into account consumers’ distaste of marketing messages on their phones?
Sources: Upstream 2012
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