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What about Daddy Bloggers?
Marketers have spent lots of time and money leveraging Mommy Bloggers and targeting Digital Moms.

Now it’s time to focus on dads.

Recent research from Euro RSCG proves there is a growing group of Digital Dads who use technology and social media to connect with other parents, share childrearing tips, discuss purchases, and stay in-tune with their kids. In fact, they act a lot like Digital Moms.

About 20% of fathers are classified as Digital Dads, and they see the world differently. They believe digital interactions make them a better parent. Over half have written about a parenting experience in a blog or social network. Even larger percentages have connected with other parents via social media or searched for parenting advice online.

Digital Dads say technology creates stronger family ties. Most are connected to their children via social networks. Plus they are more in touch with their kids---especially older kids---than are Regular Dads.

While Digital Dads embrace technology, they have reservations. They monitor their kids’ online activities and limit screen time more than Regular Dads.

Digital Dads also shop differently. They are much more likely to post product reviews on social networks and use the Internet as a shopping resource.

We should think about...
  • Do we focus enough of our marketing budget on dads?
  • Have we experimented with Daddy Bloggers and targeting Digital Dads?
Sources: Euro RSCG 2012, Forrester 2011
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