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What Teens Like More Than Facebook
Social networks do not top the list of ways teens like to communicate. In fact, only 7% say social media is their preferred means of connecting with others. The top choice, picked by half of all teens, is talking in person. Texting comes in second. Facebook and talking on the phone come in a distant third and fourth.

Teens’ love affair with texting has reached epic proportions. The average young person sends 60 messages per day. More than 40% admit they are addicted to their phone.

Digital Natives (as teens are also called) are attached to social networks, but not as strongly. Less than a third send messages via Facebook daily. Only 20% say they would experience withdrawal if they had to disconnect from their digital social networks.

Teens prefer texting because it’s quicker, it’s easier, and it’s a sure thing. Their phones are as attached to them as their hands, so they know the recipient will get their message instantly. They don’t have to remember which friends have smartphones and can read Facebook messages on-the-go.

Why is in-person communication teens’ top choice? Because Digital Natives are social, and a surprisingly high 43% say they wish they could spend more time unplugged from their devices.

We should think about...
  • Are we spending enough time on our mobile marketing strategy?
  • Do we understand as much as we should about teens’ attitudes and behaviors?
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