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Your Brand Is Too Active On Social Media

It probably comes as a shock after all the times you’ve been told, “Get more involved in social media to connect with your customers.” But, the reality is that brands are driving consumers away by doing too much on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.


4 in 10 consumers on social media have unfollowed a brand. 38% have done so because the brand posts too often. What’s too often? It varies by person. However, only 17% of followers look for brand updates daily. In contrast, most social media “how to” guides recommend posting at least once a day.

Americans are alienated by brands’ social listening too. Experts say listening is the first step in social media marketing. However, a surprisingly high 41% of social network users say that companies that “listen in” when consumers post to each other about brands are intruding. The vast majority believes that companies should only monitor and respond to online comments---positive or negative---that are addressed directly to them.

Finally, I don’t have quantitative data, but I’m pretty sure that consumers’ first reaction to the dramatic increase in Facebook newsfeed ads was not, “Oh goodie!” Brands need to be very careful about frequency, targeting, and tone to avoid backlash from social media ads.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Have you aligned your social media strategy and execution with how your specific target market uses social networks?
  • Are you only responding to consumers on social media when directly addressed?
  • Have you thought long and hard about your social media ad strategy?
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