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Flipboard Could Be Marketers' Dream

Imagine being able to quickly and easily create a beautiful magazine that your customers can page through with a finger swipe on their smartphone. Even better, imagine advertising in a similar magazine created by NBC or Rolling Stone.

As of a month ago, both are reality, thanks to Flipboard.

Flipboard started as an app to help consumers organize their social media streams into a magazine format on mobile devices. It recently added the capability for anyone---no artistic or technical skills required---to create and share their own magazine.

These user-generated magazines have advertising opportunities and rudimentary ecommerce functions, too. Flipboard currently connects to Etsy, and plans to introduce connections to other retailers “soon.”

Flipboad magazines are attracting consumers in droves.

3 million new users joined Flipboard’s existing 50 million in the two weeks after the user-generated magazine feature was released. Over 500,000 people, brands, and companies created their own magazines over the same time period.

Flipboard magazine subscriber counts are rising quickly. Engagement is high: 50% of consumers who subscribe to Flipboard magazines read them daily.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Have you downloaded the Flipboard app and played with it? It is very intuitive, and after a few minutes you will clearly see the business potential.
  • Should your brand create its own magazine to establish a deeper connection and more frequent interactions with consumers?
  • Should you advertise in other’s Flipboard magazines? GE just started advertising in’s Flipboard.
  • Is there a way for you to sell your product via Flipboard?
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