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Watching TV, Without the TV

By Maura Mitchell

Consumers are breaking up with their satellite provider. Cutting the cord on their cable service. Letting their TV set get dusty.

More and more Americans are getting TV and video content from the Internet, and then watching it on alternative devices, especially tablets and computers.

Almost a quarter of all online Americans say they used to have cable, but no longer do. At the same time, 32% of pay TV subscribers (cable and satellite) are considering canceling their plan this year. Wow.

Roughly half of all cable quitters subscribe to Hulu or Netflix. The rest use a combination of websites and alternative services to access TV shows and movies.

Only 44% of Americans have a TV set connected to the Internet. The rest watch programs on a device other than the flat screen. A third of tablet owners have downloaded a network viewing app to keep up with their shows. Roughly the same percentage of consumers watch TV on their computers.

Early adopters of this trend tend to be young, single, and Anglo. Importantly, very few have kids. But, as more consumers calculate the potential savings, this trend is likely to spread rapidly.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Have you considered how a decline in the number of satellite/cable subscribers should impact your marketing plans and budgets?
  • Are you experimenting with advertising on services like Hulu and Netflix?
  • Have you explored running ads on network websites and via network apps?
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