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Hispanics Are The Mobile Trendsetters

By Maura Mitchell

Want to know what your customers will be doing with their mobile phones very soon?

Watch what Hispanics are doing now. They are leading the pack in cell usage, especially during shopping.

It all starts with the fact that Hispanics are significantly more likely than average to own a smartphone. 71% of Latinos vs 58% of the total population had one as of Q1 2013.

While shopping, Hispanics use their mobiles more than other demographics for almost everything. They are more likely to make a shopping list on their phone. Compare prices online. Access their social network for product advice. Write a review after a purchase.

Most importantly, Hispanics are early adopters of mobile commerce. A greater than average percentage have bought something via smartphone or tablet.

When not shopping, Hispanics are quite involved with mobile media. They watch videos and stream music via their cells substantially more than others.

Almost half of all Hispanic households have embraced their smartphone so fully they have given up their landline. That’s markedly higher than the percentage of the general population that have gone cell phone only.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Are you monitoring the latest consumer insights on mobile usage?
  • Should you do more mobile marketing targeting Hispanics?
  • How will your business adapt to a world without landlines? It is coming very rapidly.
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