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People Under 40 Are Out of Touch

By Maura Mitchell

“We don’t reach people over 40 with our digital and social marketing.” That’s a comment I hear frequently (always from someone under 40.) Nothing could be further from the truth, according to recent research by Google.
  • 71% of Boomers (45-66 year olds) visit a social network site daily. 59% of seniors (age 67+) do so as well.
  • 83% of people over 45 say the Internet is their go-to source of information, placing it well ahead of TV, magazines, and newspapers---traditional marketing vehicles.
  • In fact, Boomers and Seniors spend more time per week on the Internet than they do watching TV. And, the number of hours they spend online is three times what they allocate in total to listening to the radio, reading magazines, and reading newspapers.
  • 54% of Boomers and Seniors watch online videos, just slightly behind the 65% of all Americans who do so.
  • Like all consumers, Boomers and Seniors with multiple devices like to multi-task. Almost 80% use two screens simultaneously.
  • Finally, 40% of those over 45 years old who own a smartphone and 50% of those who own a tablet have made a purchase from their device.

Sounds like two groups we could reach with digital and social marketing, doesn’t it?

What are the implications for your business?
  • Have you incorporated incorrect assumptions about technology usage into your marketing plan?
  • Do you spend enough time targeting people over 45, the demographic with the most disposable income?
  • Are you defaulting too much of your digital and social strategy to very junior people because you think “they just naturally get it”?
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Sources: Google 2013, Ipsos 2013

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