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9 Things You Need to Know About Online Video

By Maura Mitchell

Are you thinking about producing online videos for your business? Are you already running video ads and wondering if they are optimized? Below are nine fast facts to answer your questions.
  • 78% of online adults watch web videos.
  • 65% of tablet owners watch over an hour of video daily on their device.
  • Millennials watch more web videos on their smartphones than on any other device.
  • Multi-tasking while watching videos and TV shows is the norm, with less than 20% of viewers paying full attention regardless of the device.
  • Video ads viewed on smartphones and tablets are much more likely to be remembered than TV commercials.
  • Even with smartphones, the most common video watching location is the couch. The bed is in second place across all devices, including TV.
  • Americans are most attentive to videos when they watch them in bed. Really. (I think there may be an opportunity for Brandology to start a relationship advice newsletter...)
  • Commercials in the middle of videos are much more likely to capture viewers’ attention than pre-roll.
  • Consumers are 3 times more likely to quit watching a video because it loads too slowly than because it contains commercials.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Have you allocated enough of your marketing time and budget to videos?
  • Will you create a video strategy before you start executing?
  • Have you optimized your videos/ads for mobile devices?
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Sources: Pew Internet 2013, Science Daily 2013, YuMe 2013

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