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Are You Ignoring This Powerful Marketing Tool?

By Maura Mitchell

Email is the second most powerful digital marketing tactic after organic search. It trumps social media for driving sales and capturing high value customers. It also creates more positive consumer reactions.

Last year businesses acquired 7 times more customers with email than social media. That’s partially because 50% more consumers use marketing emails than social media during their shopping process. Shoppers acquired via email spent 11% more than those captured from social.

Consumers think marketing emails are more useful than social media. 75% saved money with a brand/retailer email versus 56% with social media. Shoppers also give email higher marks for making shopping easier and helping them feel smarter. But, social beats email for making shopping fun.

There are many reasons why email is so effective. First, consumers sign up to receive it so they want to be engaged. Second, checking email is consumers’ #1 digital activity. Finally, emails have richer content than most social posts.

Email marketing is becoming even more effective, with higher open rates and click throughs in 2013 than 2012. In December, for the first time ever, more than half of all emails were opened on a smartphone.

Just to be clear...I’m not saying social media isn’t important. But, it’s critical to remember that email is a customer acquisition workhorse and deserves lots of attention too.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Are you focusing enough time and money on your email marketing?
  • Have you optimized your email campaigns for mobile devices, both smartphones and tablets?
  • Are you measuring the ROI of all your marketing tactics?
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