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The Untapped Potential of Mobile Shopping

By Maura Mitchell

M commerce is growing rapidly. 29% of Americans made a purchase with their mobile device in the past year. One in five almost never shop without their smartphone, using it to research, purchase, or do both 90%+ of the time. That group, called the Uber Digitals, has almost doubled in the latest 12 months.

Cell phones are often part of a multi-step shopping process. 70% of smartphone owners research products on their device then buy them in-store. A similar percentage start shopping on their mobile and complete the purchase on their PC.

But, everything is not unicorns and rainbows in the world of mobile commerce. 37% of consumers say security worries stop them from buying via cellphone. One third find the small screen and often kludgy mobile websites impossible to navigate. A significant group are stymied by the need to type so much information into such a small device.

Shopping is at the bottom of consumers’ list of smartphone activities. It lags far behind social networking, communications, productivity, and game apps.

What would convince Americans to buy more on their mobiles? Consumers’ top two wishes are the ability to check stock in nearby stores and receive personalized promotions before they go shopping.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Do you have a wonderfully optimized mobile shopping website and app for both smartphones and tablets?
  • Have you considered offering personalized promotions to shoppers?

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