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You’re Completely Missing 27% of Consumers

By Maura Mitchell

Your digital marketing is not connecting with over a quarter of all Americans. They never see any of it: not your search marketing. Not your videos. Not your content marketing. And certainly not your social media.

That’s because they aren’t on the Internet in a meaningful way.

A surprisingly high 15% of adults never use the Internet. Never. Another 9% only have access at work. And, 3% are restricted to dial-up capability. That means 27% of consumers who have money in their pockets can only be reached via traditional media.

Who are the un-wired? Hispanics, rural consumers, those with household incomes under $50,000, and people over 60 are over-represented. A quarter of Hispanics and 20% of those living outside the suburbs are not online.

Consumers have a variety of reasons for not embracing the Internet. Not having enough time and not being interested in what’s online are the top drivers. Being frustrated or intimidated by technology is the next most common rationale. Cost is also a significant barrier.

Interestingly, very few people who are offline plan to change their status anytime soon. 92% say they have no interest in going online.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Are you over-estimating the digital sophistication of your target market?
  • Does your marketing plan reflect that traditional media is still important for reaching a significant group of consumers?

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Sources: Pew Research 2013 

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