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The #1 Social Network is Instagram

By Maura Mitchell

Instagram is the most important network, Twitter is second, and Facebook comes in third. That’s what over 7000 teens told Piper Jaffray last month.

This is a sea change from a year ago. In spring 2013, Facebook grabbed the top spot followed by Twitter. Instagram wasn’t even in the running with only 17% of teens choosing it as their most important social net.

Those under 20 are definitely less engaged with Facebook and spend less time there. The percentage that does more than like things on FB declined by 16 points in late 2013. Those who cut back on Facebook do not anticipate changing direction in the future.

Where are teens spending their time instead? Vine and Flickr were the social media winners in late 2013, each racking up impressive triple digit gains in usage. Instagram also showed very robust growth.

While Facebook is viewed as less important, it is still the big boy in social media with 73% of teens using it.

It is tempting to think that what teens do doesn’t impact your business. But, that’s not the case. Time and again we have seen teens’ digital behaviors rapidly spread to other age groups.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Is your social media strategy too focused on Facebook? Do you have a strong presence on Twitter, Instagram, and other social networks your target market uses?
  • Have you embraced consumers’ shift towards more visually oriented digital media?

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Sources: eMarketer 2014, Global Web Index 2013, Pew Research 2014, Piper Jaffrey 2014 

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