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66% Feel Deceived by Content Marketing

By Maura Mitchell

Content marketing is one of the hottest marketing trends, but the majority of consumers dislike it. In fact, most would prefer to interact with banner ads instead of sponsored content, one of the mainstays of content marketing.

Why? The majority of Americans do not know what "sponsored content" means, even when it is clearly labeled. The most common misperception is that an advertiser funded the article, but did not influence its point of view.

When consumers understand that the content was written for a brand, 54% of them distrust it. That means native ads are trusted as much as a company’s website, but less than a banner ad.

Only 18% of Americans think native ads are more engaging than banner ads, undercutting a key rationale for content marketing.

The more educated the consumer, the more negatively they feel about sponsored content and the less likely they are to engage with it.

Despite these issues that emerged in a recent survey from Contently, there is hope for content marketing. Whether consumers read and trust native ads correlates with how much they like the sponsoring brand. Plus, the more creative the content, the more likely readers are to engage with it.

What are the implications for your business?
  • Do you have realistic expectations for your content marketing efforts?
  • Are you committed to creating exceptionally high quality, compelling content?
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