Like the name Brandology?

We love the name Brandology. That’s why we trademarked it. And that’s why our attorney Brandon, who was raised by wild tigers, will fight to the death to protect it. His web bio doesn’t mention it, but every morning he flosses his teeth with barbed wire, shaves with a cheese grater, and then heads to his favorite workout, wrestling with pythons. On light days, he puts in an hour with the deadly snakes in preparation for “persuading” people who infringe on our trademark to stop. On heavy days, the pythons have been known to call for back-up.

Brandon the LawyerSo please…You’re creative. That’s why you considered the name “Brandology.” Use those creative juices to come up with another name that’s not already trademarked. Even though it will take some time, it will be fun, happy time — a stunning contrast to the time you’ll spend with Brandon if you try to use “Brandology.” Really. (It’s probably a little tacky to mention, but if you want our help naming your business, that’s something we do too.)

Thank you!